Third semester schedule!

This past week the second years students that will study in Ghent for the third semester got their schedule. During our first semester we were divided equally: 7 in Ghent and 7 in Edinburgh. This time some people who did their first semester in Ghent decided to stay for the third as well, so there will be 5 students in Edinburgh and 9 in Ghent.

The schedule is quite busy, compared to the ones in Lund and Edinburgh. The courses of this semester are Explosions and Industrial Fire Safety, Fire Safety and Legislation, Passive Fire Protection, Active Fire Protection I and II, and Performance-based Design.

In Ghent we will have some courses with the local Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering students. This happened in Edinburgh and Lund as well, so although we are a small class, when it comes to lectures the lecture hall is crowded anyways, and you can get to know other students too.

All of the lectures of the third semester will take place in the main building of the university, which is quite central and easy to access by bike, bus or tram.

Everybody bikes in Ghent, it’s an easy and cheap way to get anywhere in the city. It is possible to rent bikes from the university for a very reasonable price, so that they are affordable for everyone. Here is a picture of one of the bike types that students can rent.



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