Ending two years of a scholarship

Two years left since I travelled for the first time to Europe to start studying a master degree. My first destination was the United Kingdom, specifically Edinburgh where I chose to spend the first semester of this master programme; The International Master of Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE).

IMFSE is a joint study programme between three partner universities: The University of Edinburgh (UK), Gent University (Belgium), and Lund University(Sweden). Three other associated partner universities from Europe (Switzerland) and from outside of Europe (Australia and USA) are also involved in this programme.

This joint degree lies under the broad education programme in the European Commission which is called ERASMUS+. This programme contains many key actions. Under key action 1 there are the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) in which there is IMFSE. The EMJMDs provide scholarships for people from EU and from outside EU.

IMFSE gives the opportunity for students from all over the world to apply for it as Erasmus Mundus scholarship candidates or as self-sponsored candidates. Also, there are scholarships from industrial partners (sponsors) in Europe. In addition, IMFSE gives the opportunity for all students to choose the place they like to study in for the first, the third and the fourth semesters. The second semester is obligatory in Lund. In the first year I chose Edinburgh, then I moved to Lund and in the second year I chose Gent then Maryland in the USA.

Everything has an end, and for our 2014 cohort it is about to come into the end, this month was the last month of a 24-months of Erasmus mobility. The only left activity is the graduation ceremony that we have on the 9th of September. Come join us in this all-day activity which is the last official meeting between us https://congres.ugent.be/IMFSE2016/.




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