Last days in Brussels

The summer is almost over. Even if it has been an unusual summer to me, I had great experience thanks to the internship. This will be my last week at Promat, then I will need to get ready for Edinburgh.
In this last period, Max came to visit me here in Brussels. After all the trips and cities that he visited here in Europe, he decided to rest for a while. It has been nice to spend time with him, listening to all his trips and showing me all his pictures. Even if he is trying to make me become Asian, feeding me with noodles every few days.
Meanwhile, we (second year students) are getting to know the new students, who will be in Edinburgh with us. Hardly anyone succeeded in finding accommodation, it is being really hard for us. This is the reason why everyone planned to go to the UK few weeks before the start of the semester. Hopefully none of us will be homeless. In the worst case, someone will host us.
Fortunately, before heading to Edinburgh I will have enough free time to go back home. It will be really nice to meet all my family and friends and enjoying nice weather for a short time. I will need it, because I am going to a city where the sun hardly ever shows up.


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