One more month until Ghent semester

In about one month I will be moving to Ghent again for my third semester. I know the city quite well, since I have spent almost every summer there visiting family. I also did my internship there this summer for six weeks.

I am excited to live there for four months, since it is a beautiful city with lots to do and see. Also, being in Belgium gives you a great opportunity to travel, since it is situated so close to many other countries. I grew up in Sardinia, which is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, so if I wanted to travel it was always quite expensive because I would have to take a plane. In Belgium I could just take a train and be in another country in one or two hours.

Of course, since the first semester of the year is a short one (only 12 weeks) travelling will not be possible all the time, but I’m sure that all of us can find a weekend or two to travel a bit.

The past year I’ve always lived in student accommodation, but in Ghent I decided to find a private one. It’s definitely calmer, and it’s nice to finally have a proper living room and bathroom!

I’m quite excited to move back to Ghent, but I’m also glad I still get to enjoy my vacation for one more month!



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