The course of Risk Assessment

In the second semester in Lund University, we have four courses. One of these courses is called risk assessment. This course is one of the most important courses during the master programme, because most of us do not have a previous knowledge of it, also it connects fire safety with engineering management and planning.

The course contains many learning aspects, from seminars to exercises, individual reports, a group projects and a presentation. The exercises are simple problems we have to solve for each chapter of the course and it reflects the types of problems we have in the final written exam.

Each seminar and its individual report are for the same topic; we have two seminars and two reports. The topic is specified by a number of scientific articles we have to read and discuss in the seminar, then each of us writes his/her report by summarizing the reports we have read already. The reports perform a part of the final mark of the course.

The group project is the most important activity in the course because it applies all the aspects we learn during the semester. The project we have to do is the same for all groups; a chemical facility that contains some hazardous materials with a number of potential accidents that might happen in the facility which could threaten the whole area. Our purpose is to specify the level of acceptable risk in the area. After submitting the project, we have to present our work in front of all groups and the lecturers.

I consider this course as one of the most valuable courses because it reflects new approaches in engineering evaluation which is very important for fire safety engineers.




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