Back in Promat

As all the nice period, my holiday came to an end. After all the nice moment that I had with my family and my friends, I came back to Brussels. Because I need to finish my internship, three weeks left.
I left Italy and it was 35 degrees Celsius. But here in Brussels the weather is not the same, it has been raining all the week. And being honest, it affected me a lot. It looks like the summer is already over. Fortunately the forecast indicated that it would be a warmer weather in the next weeks.
The internship continued as usual, and the first goals have already been reached. These remaining weeks will be really fast, because a lot of work has to be done and probably some classmates will come to visit me in Brussels. Surely, it will be nice to meet them again and talk about our summer.
At the same time, my classmate and “internship colleague” Andres is still enjoying his summer. He is traveling throughout Europe until the end of the month.
Edinburgh is getting close and all of us are looking forward to starting a new semester. First at all, all of us want to meet the new IMFSE students and try to help them the same way as the past student did with us.


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