Wildfires in Sardinia

Every summer here in Sardinia, where I live, there are wildfires. This is one of the reasons why I decided to study Fire Safety Engineering; I wanted to know more about fire dynamics and fire spread.

This summer was no exception. Many wildfires have already burned so many hectares of Mediterranean scrub, and even today one destroyed a big area close to the beach and touristic facilities on the southern-east coast of the island. Many people have been evacuated from homes and hotels, as the fire keeps spreading also because of the strong wind.

The main cause of these wildfires is arson, which is a willful burning. As we have seen in the course Human Behavior in Fire in Lund, the motives for arson can be several, but in this case the most likely could be revenge, profit and wanting to be seen as a hero.

To extinguish these fires the fire brigade is helped by many volunteers, who are trained to  handle these situations. Even in the small village I live in there is one of these volunteer associations. Also, helicopters and Canadairs are utilized, which collect water from the Mediterranean Sea.

Here are some pictures from today’s fire.



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