Back home

Most of us are done with our internships, and almost everybody went back home to enjoy the rest of our holidays. We still keep in touch and share pictures from home, especially when it comes to food! We like to show each other what we are doing during our vacation, and it’s a great way to still be in contact even though we are not together anymore.

I am also spending the rest of my holidays at home with family and friends. It’s great to catch up since we don’t see each other that often anymore, also because many study and work abroad as well. As soon as I got back I got to celebrate three graduations and a birthday, so I had the occasion to see everybody quite soon after my return.

I will be spending the rest of my holidays at the beach, enjoying the wonderful island of Sardinia and relaxing before the start of the second year. I will go back to Gent for my third semester in September, along with many of my classmates. It will be fun to be together again after three months spent apart.

Here is a picture of the view I had on my first day at the beach.



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