The struggle of finding a job

When we started the master, each of us has his/her own reason to study but one of the common goals we had at that time was finding a good job. Personally, I started thinking of a master degree to expand my knowledge and to enhance my chances in finding a job in the competitive work market.

The process of finding the dream job starts in the first year of study. Having a good academic record is one important factor, but a relevant experience is always recommended because it is what employers usually seek for. To gain this experience most of students search for summer internships at different companies. The internships are usually short, yet they give a good idea about the topic.

In the second year of studying the process is more complicated. The majority of us started to look for a job early in the first semester of the year in order to secure the job before it is too late. Some companies, especially big ones, open their applications really early as most of the students will apply and the process takes a long time. In other companies, the applications appear later. Because of that, it is important to follow as we do not know what is available at a certain time.

There are many websites where the majority of companies post their vacancies. Still, extra efforts are needed to find other available vacancies. We help each other in finding jobs as we point out vacancies for people who are still looking.

This master programme has a very good reputation. All students in previous years found their jobs early. Also, the majority of us have found jobs, but few are still looking. I am sure they are in the way to find very soon.




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