Enjoying the summer

On the 15th of July our holiday started, finally. Andres and I will be on holiday for three weeks, because Promat company will be closed. At the end of the holiday, we need to go back to Brussels for the last 3 weeks of our internship. Andres will have those three weeks in September, because he will be traveling during August. While I will have those three weeks in August, because at the beginning of September I will move to Edinburgh. It means that we will not probably see each other until February, when we all will go to Sweden.
For this reason and for the cheap flights found, we decided to go and spend four days in Berlin. Unfortunately, four days were not enough to visit such a city full of history and amazing places. This is why it is really likely that we will go back there in the future. 
Those days ran away really fast, we enjoyed the trip and the long, really long, walk that we had in Berlin. One day we walked for 28km, too many kilometers. I can just advice everyone, who likes traveling, to go over there.
Here is a picture of me and Andres walking through the Soviet War Memorial.


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