IMFSE courses at a glance

During the two years of studying at the different universities we had three semesters of courses studied at the partner universities; Edinburgh, Gent, and Lund, and a fourth semester which is dedicated for the thesis, and can be spent at a chosen partner or associated partner university.

In the first semester in Edinburgh we had courses in fire dynamics, finite element method, engineering project management, and structural design. The most important course is fire dynamics in which we learned about different calculation methods for a variety of fire types. In the other courses we got the important knowledge for fire engineers.

All students in the second semester go to Lund University where we have courses in advanced fire dynamics, human behaviour in fire, risk assessment, and simulation of fires. All these courses are important for fire engineers. I found this semester very interesting especially human behaviour course which gave us a new knowledge and in the same time it is very useful in designing.

The third semester in Gent was very helpful for us, in this semester we got six courses which are: active fire protection 1 and 2, passive fire protection, fire safety legislation, explosions safety, and performance-based design. All the courses are important for fire engineering and each of which gives the basic knowledge for designing and calculating.

In general, all the courses in this master programme give the state-of-the-art knowledge in this field and I am quite confident, after finishing these courses, that all IMFSE students are able to work on any fire safety concept. This is a big advantage for future work and gives a good reputation for the programme.

A picture of all of us at Lund University.




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