Team Building

During my internship at FESG I got to experience a day where we did a team building activity. I had never heard of something like that before, so I was a bit surprised and very curious, also because we were not told what the activity would be. We only knew what to wear and where we would be going.

 We left from Gent on Sunday morning to go to Nieuwpoort, a city situated on the Belgian coastline. Once we arrived we discovered we would go wave karting. With small boats, where maximum three people would fit, we left the harbor and went to the open sea. There we were able to go full speed up until about 4 km from the shore. We took turns to drive the boat and had lots of fun trying to catch the biggest waves.

After that we had lunch in the city center, where we got to see the Giants parade, where giant dolls are carried through the streets of the city.

We had a great day, and were really lucky to have good weather after so many days of rain!

Here is a picture of us all in front of the boats after we went wave karting.



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