Weekend in Brussels 

After the whole week spent in the office, it was time to enjoy our weekend. 
From the 15th of July on, we will go on holiday, finally. Rohan is going back home to his beloved Saint Lucia, and I am sure he will enjoy the summer over there. Andres and I are going to Berlin for few days, then he is coming back to Brussels, while I am finally going home. Everyone of us is looking forward to being on holiday. 
While we are waiting for the holiday, we try to spend every weekend all together. Because the next time we will be able to meet up all together will be in February. During the last weekend, Rohan came to visit me and Andres here in Brussels. 
It was the first time in the capital for Rohan, so a must to do was the tour of the city. From the peeing boy to the Delirium cafe, which has more than 3000 brands of beer. We have been lucky, on that day the peeing boy was dressed up. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to understand like what and the reason why it was dressed up. After the typical tour of Brussels, it was time for the match of the Eurocup. We went to the center and found a pub where to taste Belgian beers, French fries ( even if we all know they are not French!) and watch the match.
Unfortunately Rohan had to leave the day after, so we didn’t have the possibility of spending a lot of time together. But it s always nice to have good time all together. And it is in those kind of moments that you understand how lucky we have been to have such a nice group of people from all over the world as classmates.


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