Summer Internship!

This summer most of us are doing internships all over Europe and the USA. I’m doing mine at Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent, one of the sponsors of IMFSE. The internship lasts six weeks, and now that I’m halfway through it I can say I am very happy I chose to spend part of my summer getting some experience in the field of fire safety engineering. I get to apply in practice what I have learned so far during this first year of the masters; and of course, I get to learn new things as well. Many things I have learned in class so far have been very useful, especially when it comes to the courses of risk assessment and fire dynamics. The second week of the internship I also got to go to Amsterdam for a workshop about a software used when doing risk assessment, and, as you can see from the picture, I also had some time to walk around the city (of course I had to stop by the I amsterdam sign!).

This is my first internship experience, and I am so glad I decided to do it! I would definitely recommend a summer internship to all future IMFSE students, because you learn so much and you get great working experience.



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