The administration of IMFSE

As in all other things, the work of this master programme has to be managed quite well in order to be a successful programme. The administration of IMFSE consists of one main office and additional two sub offices; one in each partner university.

One of the useful things that the administration provides is the student guide for the students. This guide contains all necessary information from each university besides the general information about the master itself.

The office in Gent University is the main administration as it is the coordinator of the programme. This office is currently run by Lies and Elise. They are responsible for all the work of the programme during the whole period of the master. In addition, they organise the work for IMFSE students during their stay in Gent. Lies and Elise are helpful, whenever a student needs anything from the office, they are always at the expectation.

On the other hand, the office in Edinburgh is newly run by Anna. Previously, it used to be run by Nathalie who is leaving the office for one year. Nathalie was really helpful and friendly to all IMFSE students studying in Edinburgh. As I spent the first semester in Edinburgh, I remember that she helped us a lot as new students there.

The office in Lund is run by Lykke, she is very active and she responds quickly to all requests. She usually helps a lot in visa issues as the process of the visa in Sweden takes longer time than other countries.

In addition to the three main offices, associated partner universities have their own local administrators. I spent the last semester in the University of Maryland; Sharon was the person who helped me in paperwork before and during the semester. She is very friendly as well.

I have to say that the administration of the programme is a significant addition into it, and it is a distinguish success in this master.

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