Internship in Promat

In the summer between the first and second year, right after Lund, there is a possibility for us to have an internship in the companies, which are sponsors for the master. 
This summer, most of us got an internship in Belgium. Good opportunity to keep in touch and meet up as often as possible. 
Andres and I are having an internship in Promat, one of the biggest companies in Fire Safety Engineering in the world. Our internship will last 8 weeks, almost for the whole summer. Even if we will not enjoy our summer or get to go home, this sacrifice is paid off with the experience and the knowledge that we are achieving during these months.
Working in the Research and Development Department, we are working with engineers that have great experience and knowledge of the field. Every day we are trying to learn from all the new informations and practical ways to deal with problems in this field. We noticed that this master has helped us a lot with the basic preparations for the future job.
On Wednesday, we had the great opportunity to join in an experiment, in where a new duct was going to be tested according to the new European Normative. After two hours of experiment, unfortunately, the product didn’t pass the test. But for us it has been a great experience, where we learned a lot and met Malaysian Promat employees, who were there to join the experiment.
Here is a picture of Andres and I with our new Malaysian friends.


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