Enjoying Belgium

Six of us are doing an internship in Belgium, so right after the exams we moved from Lund to Gent and Brussels. Our internships take place in two of the sponsoring companies of IMFSE, Promat and FESG, as well as at the University of Ghent. Our first week in Belgium flew by so fast! For Rohan, this was the first time in Ghent, so one evening we had dinner together and walked around Ghent for a bit. Of course, we had to have a Belgian waffle as dessert! We also tasted a few Belgian beers, but the list is so long that we won’t be able to try them all by the end of the internship. But we will be back in September for our third semester, so we’ll get another chance for sure. At the end of the week all of us who are doing an internship in Ghent met up for dinner. We had a great time, ate a lot and talked about our new adventure. It is great to still get to spend a part of our summer together, since many of us will not be together in the third and fourth semester.

Here is a picture of Rohan and I eating a famous Belgian waffle.



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