Active fire protection in practice

In the third semester in Gent University there is a course called Active Fire Protection 1 in which we learned about fire suppression systems and their applications.

This course is taught by people from industry. As a part of this course, we had a visit into two sites where fire suppression systems where applied.

The two companies are located in Antwerp, therefore, a bus took us from Gent. It took almost an hour to reach the first location. The site was inside a factory in which we saw an inert gas suppression system applied in the electrical room of the factory.

In these systems, the gas is stored in cylinders located in an adjacent room. The guide illustrated how the system works and he showed us the control panel and explained the various indicators on it. When these systems are applied, the controlled room has to be tight and a special ventilation system should be installed to remove the gas after suppression.

After we finished the visit to the first company, we went into another site where water suppression systems are installed. The place was an art gallery in which paints are produced and stored. In order to protect the paints, water mist systems were installed in different locations. The guide illustrated the various parts of the system and he showed us a test of a nozzle used in water mist suppression.

Then, we took the bus again to Gent to continue our classes there. This was the last visit we had during the third semester.

A picture of water nozzles above the paints.




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