Summer vacation has started!

This past week was quite stressful, since we had three exams. The weather in Lund was so nice, but we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we wanted to, since we had to study. Our last exam was on Saturday morning, and afterwards we decided to hang out in the city center. Summer vacation had finally started! We decided to have lunch at Max, a local fast food restaurant, to say goodbye to its great burgers, and we were invited for dinner at Nemer’s place. He and Mohamed had prepared for us a Palestinian and an Egyptian meal. It was really good! I love the fact that we get to try different meals from all over the world.

 The dinner was the last occasion to be all together, since we will be split again between Edinburgh and Ghent for the third semester, and then we will all go to different universities to do our thesis in the fourth semester. After the dinner we had a “goodbye party”, even though most of us will be in Belgium for the summer, to do our internships, so we will definitely see each other soon.

Here is a picture of all of us after our last exam.



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