Last days in Lund

One week ago, all our second year students invited us, first year students, to attend their presentations on thesis day at the Lund University. 
The event took place in the V building, the main building of our master here in Lund. All the candidates had one hour to present their thesis. Unfortunately, my classmates and I were not able to see all the presentations of the thesis, because now we are under the period of final exams. 
During our study break, we went to support our old classmates. The biggest reason was because we knew that this would probably be the last time we met them. All the theses were really interesting and stimulating for us to work hard and finish the master as soon as possible. It has been nice to see how most of them were nervous and anxious for their presentations of the thesis. They knew it was the last step before stopping to be a student, and started thinking about the job from that moment on. Somehow, that day even helped us to repeat arguments for our exams. 
My classmates and I took advantage of this blog to thank all the second year students for having been always nice and helpful during this year. 
We wish all the best for the future to Hilco, Jonathan, Ksenia, Matthias, Mohammed, Ogun, Selenay and Sompoom.


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