South American Dinner

This past Wednesday, Andres, form Colombia, and David and Francisco, from Ecuador, decided to cook for us a South American dinner. I had been waiting for this moment for so long! This dinner was one of the last occasions to be all together here in Lund, since exams are approaching and then we will all go to different countries for the summer. Some people will go back home, and some will stay in Belgium to do an internship. Also, it was one of the last times we would see the second year students, who will graduate in September. The food the guys prepared was so good; they really did a great job! We had rice and fired plantain, as well as ceviche, which is fish marinated in lemon. In Ecuador you also eat this dish with popcorn, which sounds so weird! I tried it and didn’t really like it, but others who tried it as well actually said it was good.

Then, after the dinner, most of us went out to the club to enjoy our last evening of freedom before we had to start studying for exams.

Here is a picture of Andres, David and Francisco with the ceviche they prepared.



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