A visit to Promat

In the third semester in Gent, there is a course called Passive Fire Protection which gives the knowledge related to fire protection through confined spaces and how different building materials behave under fire circumstances.

This course is given by people from a company called Promat, which is one of the leader companies in this field and has a big factory in a city called Tisselt, to the north of Brussels. It was decided that we have a day visit to this company during the semester.

On the day of the visit, a bus waited us in Gent early in the morning and it took around an hour to reach the company. We got into there and had coffee before starting a morning session about passive systems and how they are applied in buildings by showing some samples they do produce in the factory.

After the session we were invited to have the lunch in their restaurant which serves very good meals. Then we continued the second part of the session before having a tour inside the factory to see the lab and the production line.

In the lab we saw different sizes of testing equipment that suit the various products, the manager welcomed us and showed a test for a penetration seal produced in the company. The test lasted around 15 minutes and it illustrated the importance of compartmentation in passive fire protection.

After the test, the manager led us in a guided tour around the factory and illustrated the different parts of the production line, starting from the preparation of raw materials through processing to packaging without forgetting controlling.

After this long enjoyable day, we took the bus again and headed back to Gent to continue our theoretical classes before having additional visits in other courses.

A picture of the entrance to the company.




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