Summer is coming…

I thought it wasn’t possible, but there is actually summer in Sweden. Since we came to Lund we dealt with all the worst possible weathers that you can imagine and we survived. Now we are enjoying the nice weather. The summer is coming here in Sweden!
In order to celebrate the nice weather, few days after Valborg, all IMFSE students met up for a barbeque in Delphi. Actually that day was a party for the second year students, not really for us. They were celebrating their freedom from the master, all of them handed in their thesis a few days before. On that day, even Mert who worked on his thesis in Ghent was in Lund to celebrate this moment.
We, students of the first year, joined the barbeque to spend time all together. Of course, the main topics of that day were our master program, exams and work. After a great meal, cooked by Mohammed and Jonathan, the time went so fast. It seemed like the biggest problem though was that we were in the sunshine and as you can imagine some of us got sunburnt! I did not know it could happen here in Sweden…
In the end, this day was unforgettable. Good company, amazing food and warm weather joined us together. We are getting closer and closer to each other’s with our interesting conversations about our common passion, the IMFSE master.


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