Visit at SÄRF Guttasjön and SP Borås

This past Friday we had the possibility to visit the Fire and Rescue Services Södra Älvsborg’s training site Guttasjön and SP Fire Research, both located in Borås. Our day started early, since we had to leave from Lund at 6 am. We arrived at Guttasjön at 10 am, and had a mid-morning snack. After that we were given presentation of the activities in the training center, as well as some demonstrations on firefighting equipment, such as the Cobra. This type of equipment can cut through building materials, and can suppress a fire from the outside of an enclosure. As a demonstration, fuel was ignited in a container, and the fire was extinguished by using the Cobra. It was a great experience to see this extinguishing technique in action!

After the demonstration we headed to SP, where we had lunch and met up with Haukur Ingason, who had given us a lecture in February about Tunnel Fires for the Advanced Fire Dynamics course. He gave us a presentation about SP and showed us the labs where they do the fire tests.

After our visit at SP we decided to visit Göteborg, which is not too far from Borås. Mohammad had lived there for two years, so he showed us around and took us to see the view of the city at night from the top of a hill.

Here is a picture of the COBRA demonstration, and a picture of us at SP.


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