The third semester in Ghent

As an Erasmus programmes, IMFSE gives all students in the first and third semester the opportunity to choice between going either to Edinburgh or to Gent. As I spent the first semester in Edinburgh, I wanted to visit Gent as well and get benefit from the attractive courses available there.

I found Gent as an amazing city that has many distinguished features. The old city centre has a number of stunning buildings including some old cathedrals and the municipality. Besides that, good connections are available inside the city by trams and buses. Also, the city has a big central train station that connects the city with other parts of the country.

What adds more distinguished features into the city, is the University of Ghent that has a very good location inside the city. It locates on a high hill next to the city centre and is distributed over many buildings in this area and in other parts of the city.

During the semester in Gent we had 6 courses. Each of them forms an essential part of fire safety engineering. From Active and Passive Protection to Performance Based Design, without forgetting Fire Safety Legislation and Explosions & Industrial Fire Safety, all are very important for fire protection engineers who need to have the state-of-the-art knowledge in fire safety science.

The courses are taught by the best academic professors besides people from industry. A number of companies’ visits were organized in many courses to make us understand more about theory. The visits to the companies are both beneficial and enjoyable.

As I spent the third semester there, I would recommend it to other students who are confused by their choices. However, I also heard from student in Edinburgh that it is also recommended. That is IMFSE which is always at the expectation and satisfies everybody with his/her choice.




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