First semester – Edinburgh

I spent the first semester of the IMFSE in Edinburgh. At the University of Edinburgh we had four different courses: Engineering Project Management, Fire Investigation and Failure Analysis, Fire Safety Engineering, and Fire Science and Fire Dynamics. Each course had 2-3 hour lectures per week, along with individual assignments and group projects.

In my free time I explored the city, which is gorgeous! The view form Calton Hill is breathtaking, the architecture in Old Town is very beautiful and the Castle is magnificent. There is so much to see in Edinburgh, I feel like four months were not enough.

One weekend most of us decided to explore Scotland, so we rented a car and drove through the highlands, straight to Inverness, then Loch Ness and of course we could not miss the Glenfinnan Viaduct. It was a rainy weekend, as it often happens in Scotland, but we made the most of it. Scotland is very beautiful, especially during fall, when all the leaves change color. It is such a magical view, particularly for me, since I come from a place where trees are evergreen.

Here is a picture of us in the Highlands, and a picture of the view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill.


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