A day in Sweden as Firefighters!

It is good to have a good theory knowledge about fire and test that in the laboratory, but nothing will be as exciting as practicing firefighting.

During the semester in Lund and as the weather was becoming nicer and warmer (at least for Sweden), the local fire students arranged us a day at Revinge Fire Station near Lund. It was not a part of any course, but it was something that we liked to join. However, not all of us went there, only eight IMFSE students and seven local students.

So the day started early by meeting near LTH to take the bus to Revinge; a journey of less than 30 minutes between Lund and Revinge. We arrived the station and got a brief description about the station and what we were going to do. We prepared ourselves by getting fire clothes dressed, putting helmets, oxygen gears and the masks.

First, we tried the water hose and learned how it works. The stream can be varied between straight streams and mist curtains. After that, we practised in groups of two how to search for and evacuate unconscious people in smoky (artificially) apartments.

Then, we moved to the practical part of fighting real flames, but we were only observing the lesson, as we are not professionals. A well-trained local student and a firefighters’ trainer showed us how to suppress gas flames in a big container.

Following, the trainer set on a fire inside a room in another container and explained practically the danger of backdraft phenomenon, which happens due to the sudden oxygen supply into a confined space full of flammable gaseous products.

Finally, we observed the usage of foam (from a fire truck) in cooling and coating hot or burning surfaces in order to prevent the fire from spreading.

After these practical lessons, we finished our short day by taking the lunch in the station, heading back to the bus and returning back to the lectures again.




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