Trip to Lithuania


One of the best ways to get to know people is to travel with them. We, the students from Ghent and the students from Edinburgh, just met up in Lund so we needed something to break the ice.
The common passion of all students of IMFSE is of course traveling! We had a great idea to have a trip to Lithuania. Unfortunately not all my classmates joined the trip, but one “OLD” student, Mohammed (second year student), came with us. The organizer of he trip was Max (Wuquan, the name is too difficult so for us he is Max!). If you are going to travel with Max when he is the organizer, just remember to stop him at some point, otherwise he will organize a trip that lasts for at least 20 days. We tried to stop him but still, in one trip we passed by 4 different airports because Max wanted to see everything but also make it easy for us to travel from place to place. This can give you an idea about Max.
We spent the weekend in the two main cities of Lithuania: Kaunas and Vilnius. I would recommend it to everyone who loves cheap travels, since it is so inexpensive there (We are used to Sweden, which is not cheap at all). During that weekend, students from Ghent got the results of the exams and it was not a good starting point honestly. We were trying to think about something else so some of us went to watch a basketball match, while others tried to test their I.Q. with a logic game. Of course they didn’t get a good score, the best ones were watching the match!
We visited Kaunas the next day and it didn’t take that much time so we decided to give a try to the local food, and if you imagine Italians, South Americans and Arabs all in one table I can assure you that the waiter will have a hard work. Later that day, we left Kaunas for Vilnius. During the bus trip, we noticed the difference between the main cities and the outskirts of Lithuania. It is such a big difference and you wouldn’t like to be there at night. Vilnius is a really nice city, during our holiday there was a city festival, where we had the opportunity of trying all different local dishes and wines. But second year student Mohammed can never betray his lovely KFC, so we had to go there.
Of course in each hostel where we visited, we left a message. It’s quite clear that they are from us and I hope no one will erase them. After all, Max spent a lot of time on drawing the monkey in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year!
Those days went so fast, like all nice periods in  life. It has been a great way to get to know the classmates and to see the difference between us. The differences in people from all over the world were quite clear in that weekend. But everyone got closer to each other and from there on, there was no different group of people from Ghent and people from Edinburgh, it was just IMFSE.

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