Have you known IMFSE quite well?!!

Welcome to IMFSE where you can enjoy two years as you get a master degree…

What is interesting about this programme is literally everything. One and a half years have passed and I still do not need these two years to finish, simply it is a beneficial joy.

Edinburgh, Gent, and Lund are the best universities which give you a FIREY knowledge! While Gent makes you understand the fire. Edinburgh and Lund give you its effect. Edinburgh has a state-of-the-art knowledge on the thermal reaction of structures, and Lund introduces you to the world of human behaviour and its contradictories

The combination which comes out of the universities cannot be described in few lines, but every single detail in it is awesome.

The cities? Well, as I could not describe how awesome are the universities, how I can depict the places. Edinburgh is a must-see city, it has all the features that make it on the top. It is a collection of history and civilization. I just want to say that wherever you go in Edinburgh, you will be impressed. Gent is awesome as well, kind people and good weather are waiting for you there. The historical active centre is a unique place that gives you a picture of standard European cities. Still Lund has a mixing of all the above, but the most identifiable feature is the kindness of people.

As it is an Erasmus programme, people from all around the world are involved. Just 18 nationalities in our year group!! It is a matchless experience that a person will have in his lifetime. Different generations, languages, cultures, and habits that inspire the life of Erasmus students.

Having different characteristics among the universities is a big advantage of the programme. Students can choose what they like to see and gain in a semester. Not only three universities, but with the ability to pick a place from out of Europe as well! I chose the University of Maryland in the USA, while others went to Queensland, Australia. To say the least, it is something that satisfy every preference…

If you like to see new places, travel. If you like to have more knowledge, seek for education. If you like to enjoy your time, meet new people. But if you like all, just go IMFSE




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