A normal day with IMFSE

Being completely honest, when the teacher told us that we were going to a container which would be put on fire while we were in it, I didn’t really care about it that much. I thought it will be one of those boring tests that everyone takes not-so-eagerly, because, who wants to put themselves on fire on purpose?
When the great day was close, Karel, our teacher, started pointing out some suggestions to keep in mind before the test took place. We had to drink way too much water to keep our bodies hydrated because otherwise, the consequences would had not been that great. Also, we had to dig up our oldest clothes that we wanted to sacrifice for the experiment. Keep in mind, being an exchange student you really don’t carry old and not wearable clothes with you. But in the end, it wasn’t a problem.
The class was formed by six of us. And honestly, no one was brave enough to deal with it anymore. We went to the lab in the morning and we saw all the buildings that they had burnt down for the previous experiments. In that moment, we understood that it was not going to be such an easy-breezy situation as we thought it would have been.
After getting ready, meaning that we all put on some firefighter suits and protections (which were not comfortable, by the way), Karel took us to the container. We were scared. There were two other firefighters in the container and it didn’t really help at that point because we were the only ones who did not know what was going on. Then the stacking wood started burning and we started feeling the heat. I can sure you, it was not the best feeling in the world. During the fire experiment in the container, Karel showed us all the phenomena which we had studied during the semester in Gent. We were finally able to see everything clearly and to understand them in real life. But our biggest thought was, what if he will lose control of the fire? What if something will go wrong? Of course our teacher knew what he was doing, afterall, he is one of the best ones in his field for a reason and he kept us safe for the whole experiment.
This one has been one of the best experiences I have ever had and really helpful to make me, and the others, understand what we are studying. Unfortunately, we didn’t capture this moment of us that day, but I can bet that no one of us students will never forget that day! Never!

container-based-fire-simulation 017


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