Arrival in Lund – Start of the second semester

Most of us arrived in Lund on the 11th of January, because the second years told us that “if you arrive on Arrival Day they will do everything for you, even carry your luggage”. And so it was. That day was so foggy, I started missing the rainy Edinburgh. At the check in I met Veronica, we had been flat mates in Edinburgh already, and it was really nice to see her again after almost 3 weeks of vacation. She helped me to carry the suitcases up the stairs to my room (the no-elevator thing was not so fun!). Many of us IMFSE students live in the same area, so the first night in Lund most of us met in Max and Mohamed’s kitchen. That was also the first time we really got to talk to the others who were in Gent for the first semester. We had already met in London once for Fire Safety Day, but didn’t have much time to talk to each other in that occasion. Of course we compared the way things were done in Edinburgh and Gent, if there were any differences or any common things. I guess all students did that on the start of the second semester. And the second year students were there also, giving us advice and telling us about their previous experience in Lund. It was so nice to finally be all together!

The first week was introduction week, we got to know the university of Lund and we also got to know each other better. The weather had gotten better, at least for me. The fog was gone, replaced by snow. I don’t usually like snow, but here in Lund it was not too bad, and at least we could see past our nose!

The second week classes started, and we got back into the routine of waking up early and going to the lecture. The schedule here is different form the one in Edinburgh, we definitely have more lecture hours, and, very weird for us, it changes every week!

To finish our first week of classes, 8 of us decided to take a trip to Copenhagen on Saturday. The city is very nice, but it was so cold that day! We decided to do a free walking tour of the city center, and then we went to see the statue of the little mermaid. Here’s a picture of us, plus Pasquale’s friend Erika, in Little Amsterdam.copenhagen


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